Our Story

511 Main owners Chad and Desiree Stegelmeier

The genesis of Five 11 Main began a hundred years ago in the history of Ashton, Idaho. In the early 1900's, a new bank was built to serve a thriving farming and logging community. As well, the railroad passed through Ashton on its way to Yellowstone Park, enlarging Ashton's "dot on the map". The bank later relocated and the building became the local pharmacy and soda fountain known for decades as "City Drug". Over the years, many people have traveled through Ashton and stopped for the famous City Drug Huckleberry shake on their way to/from the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Mesa Falls, and other winter and summer destinations. Both locals and visitors made a stop at City Drug a part of their travel routine.

511 Main Pizza

In the fall of 2008, after 90 years of service, the owners of City Drug turned off the fountain pumps and offered the building for sale due to the need to adapt to pharmacy business changes (Walmart 30 miles!). Responding to community and visitor dismay at the fountain closing, Jeff and Deanne Hamilton purchased the City Drug building. Envisioning the restoration of old, and creating a new Ashton highlight for locals and visitors alike, the building and fountain were updated and restored. On May 11, 2009 at 5:11 pm, the fountain located at 511 Main St. began flowing again. After 5 wonderful years of being open, the Hamilton’s decided that it was time to move back to California and put the building up for sale in the winter of 2014.

On April 30, 2015 it was sold to Billy and Katherine Stronks of Ashton, Idaho. Billy grew up in Ashton and had many fond memories of the Ashton City Drug. Both his mother Delena Stronks and Sister, Rachel Stronks Hatton worked as soda jerks. It was a perfect fit for Billy and Katherine to purchase Five 11 Main from the Hamiltons. They were able to add their own flare and add many new and exciting things to the menu. 

Then on May 11, 2019 Chad and Desiree Stegelmeier officially took over 511 Main. Chad and Desiree are both Ashton natives and decided it was time to give something back to the community they grew up in. They have been excited to see some old and new faces in their resturant. Their favorite part about the resturant is when an old friend stops in and drinks a delicious milkshake at the soda fountain while they enjoy one anothers company.

Five 11 main serves the tastiest fountain treats, stone oven baked pizza, homemade soups and delicious specialty sandwiches. The remodeled building exposes old original brick walls and the original bank safe (seating for 2!). It also features displays of Ashton's historical and current events as well as other area highlights. Five 11 Main provides meaningful employment for local residents. Located at 511 Main St., just east of Hi. 20, Five 11 Main serves incredible food with a smile.

So…If you are looking for a combination of great food, great service and great atmosphere Five 11 is the place to eat. Take the Main St./Mesa Falls turn east off of Hi. 20, drive 3 blocks and make Five 11 Main a highlight of your day or trip.

Huckleberry Mountain